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Our Round Rock OBGYN, Dr. Alicia Hernandez, talks about infertility

Dr. Alicia Hernandez likes to help her patients learn more about infertility and how to overcome it. Our Round Rock OBGYN notes that breakthroughs in evaluation and treatment methods have led to many positive changes for women. “The field of fertility medicine has provided many opportunities for women to have children later, delay childbearing and successfully have children despite having fertility issues.”

When should patients talk to their OBGYN about infertility?

Many women wonder when they should talk to their physician about potential fertility issues. Our Round Rock OBGYN, Dr. Alicia Hernandez, provides the following recommendations.

  • If a woman is under 35, she should consult with a physician if she has been having unprotected intercourse for one year and hasn’t conceived.
  • If she is over 35, it is best to talk to an OBGYN after six months of actively trying to get pregnant without success.

Dr. Hernandez suggests that women over 40 see someone as soon as they decide to conceive or after three months of trying to get pregnant.

What does Dr. Hernandez do during a fertility evaluation?

Dr. Alicia Hernandez begins to assess infertility by discussing a patient’s personal and family history. After a thorough conversation, she performs a physical examination and often orders bloodwork and an ultrasound.

The evaluation includes general bloodwork that checks for signs of infection, diabetes and thyroid problems. Lab work also includes an assessment of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH). The level of AMH helps determine the patient’s egg quality and quantity. Often, it’s also essential for the patient’s partner to get a semen analysis.

How can an OBGYN help a patient who is dealing with fertility issues?

After the initial evaluation, our Round Rock OBGYN may suggest a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to ensure that there are no structural problems that may be causing infertility. Structural issues and problems like ovarian cysts, scar tissue from endometriosis and fibroids can cause fertility issues. Thankfully, Dr. Hernandez can perform procedures to help improve fertility.

Dr. Hernandez is happy to help patients conceive. She says, “My hope is that by doing as much as I can in the office, more women can have successful and healthy pregnancies.”

If you want to overcome fertility issues, contact us for an appointment with Dr. Alicia Hernandez.