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Shaila Patel MD Austin OBGYNDr. Shaila Patel believes in providing continuity of OBGYN care

Dr. Shaila Patel is one of the newest physicians at Women’s Health Texas. She looks forward to meeting new patients and providing the best continuity of OBGYN care. Continuity refers to the partnership between women and their Austin OBGYN throughout several stages of their life. It’s a relationship that allows them to work together to help patients achieve their optimal health and well-being.

Continuity of OBGYN care helps Dr. Patel form a bond with her patients

Every woman needs a physician she can trust, someone who makes her feel comfortable enough to discuss her most intimate problems and questions. Dr. Patel strives to create a caring relationship with all her patients, meeting their needs as they move through various stages of life.

She is committed to providing continuity of OBGYN care to her patients at every age. With that in mind, she went the extra mile and completed the NAMS certification process through the North American Menopause Society to become a NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner.

From preconception counseling to postnatal care

Pregnancy care often begins with preconception counseling that takes place before a woman gets pregnant. At this appointment, Dr. Shaila Patel advises patients about steps to take to get healthier before they conceive. From there, our Austin OBGYN follows women through prenatal care, labor and delivery and postnatal care. “I love working with patients throughout their pregnancy and beyond. I also enjoy seeing the children that I have delivered grow up.”

Dr. Patel looks forward to providing women with care and counseling

Continuity of OBGYN care is one of the particular joys that Dr. Patel looks forward to as she welcomes new patients. If you are looking for compassionate, skilled OBGYN care, contact us to make an appointment with Dr. Shaila Patel. She is now welcoming new patients.