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Rely on Women’s Health Texas for comprehensive gynecology services

Routine gynecology care from a qualified OBGYN plays a key role in women’s health as they pass through different phases of their adolescent and adult lives. This is why it’s so important to select a provider you trust – it may start with just one well woman visit for a pap smear or mammogram, but it’s a relationship that can last a lifetime!

You deserve proactive well woman care

During your annual well woman visit, or check up, your clinician will evaluate your reproductive and general health by asking questions, and conducting tests and a physical exam. This includes performing a cervical cancer screening – known as a pap smear – as well as a breast exam. Your well woman visit might also include tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or other health conditions.

The results of this evaluation enable your OBGYN to track your health through the years. A well woman visit provides an opportunity for you to have a medical professional that you know and trust address your health questions.

If you are a young woman who hasn’t had a well woman exam yet, we recommend that you schedule one during late adolescence, and annually after the age of 21. If this is your first well woman visit, please let us know. We will schedule an adolescent well care visit, and explain what to expect with a pelvic examination and breast examination.

Today’s contraception choices meet every need

The well woman exam is often the time women seek advice about different contraception methods, but we welcome OBGYN clinic visits as your contraceptive needs change. Your OBGYN will describe to you the options that might best fit your needs. We offer several different contraception choices for our patients, including temporary and permanent options:

    • Birth control pills
    • IUDs (Mirena, Paragard)
    • Vaginal rings
    • Injections
    • Contraceptive under the skin implants (Nexplanon)
    • Tubal ligation (permanent option)

Schedule a well woman visit as part of gynecology

Regular annual well woman exams provide essential information for tracking your health through the years. As trends emerge, your OBGYN will offer tips for maintaining your health. In some cases, this might mean changes in diet or exercise; in others, it might mean preventive medical or surgical treatments.

Should any health issues arise, you and your OBGYN will be prepared to discuss your changing condition, and determine the best treatment option.

We’re experts at menopause management

There are many transitions in a woman’s life, and menopause is one that is tricky to maneuver. You truly benefit from the advice and care of an experienced OBGYN specialist before, during and after menopause. From hot flashes to bone density scans, we will discuss and deliver all of your care and treatment options. We are experts in both non-hormonal and hormone replacement treatment for menopause symptoms, and we work hard to individualize treatment plans for each patient.

In-office mammography

If screening mammography is indicated, our group offers mammograms in our offices, making it easy to have your mammogram at the same office visit as your gynecology clinic visit.

Weight loss and healthy living as part of gynecology

At Women’s Health Texas, we are concerned about your total health. We encourage all of our OBGYN patients to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. Talk with your OBGYN about concerns you have with weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.

A lifetime of sound health and gynecology care begins with the decision to partner with an experienced and compassionate OBGYN. Contact us or call (512) 339-6626 to book an appointment for your well woman exam.