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Healthy New Year’s ResolutionsOur Austin OBGYNs offer a guide to making healthy New Year’s resolutions

Wouldn’t it be great to start the year by making healthy New Year’s resolutions that you can keep? Our Austin OBGYNs want you to focus on good health that starts in January and continues throughout the year and throughout your life.

Good health starts with healthy New Year’s resolutions from our Austin OBGYNs

If you limit your promises for 2021 to two healthy resolutions, our Austin OBGYNs believe you are on your way to good health.

  1. Learn to eat in a healthy way.
  2. Move more.

These are not small suggestions, and nobody expects you to achieve results right away. These tips are goals that you should strive to reach for the rest of your life.

Vow to learn more about healthy foods

Your diet should consist primarily of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and dairy. Dietary fiber, found in vegetables, fruits and whole grains, helps you feel full, reduces cholesterol and helps maintain a steady blood sugar level. Talk to our Austin OBGYNs about proper portion sizes too. In the United States, particularly in restaurants, we eat portion sizes that are two to three times the proper amount. For more information about a healthy diet, go to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website, www.choosemyplate.gov.

Incorporate different kinds of movement into your daily life

Exercise always makes everyone’s list of healthy New Year’s resolutions, but our physicians would like for you to think about it in a new way. Don’t think of it as exercise. Instead, think of it as movement. Physical fitness isn’t just about running and biking. Many forms of movement count, including walking, gardening and playing with your kids. You need to do both aerobic and strengthening exercises, and if you vary the ways you move, you are more likely to stick to your plan. The important thing is to get up and go.

Your health is our focus, and helping you make healthy New Year’s resolutions is just part of our plan for your good health. Contact us for an appointment today.