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Bailey Escarzaga, MD, enjoys the educational aspects of adolescent gynecology

Teens and young women who visit our Austin ObGyns should know that Bailey Escarzaga, M.D., is passionate about adolescent gynecology. She says, “I really enjoy adolescent health. I like to teach young girls about family planning, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and all the things that many young women don’t feel comfortable talking to other people about.”

What to expect during an adolescent gynecology visit with Bailey Escarzaga, M.D.

Education is an important component of adolescent gynecology for Bailey Escarzaga, M.D., and our Austin ObGyns. During an adolescent gynecology visit, Dr. Escarzaga discusses many different subjects with young women and encourages them to feel comfortable to ask any questions they might have.

Dr. Escarzaga puts young women at ease during their first visit. Our Austin ObGyns encourage parents to schedule an appointment for their daughters between the ages of 13 and 15 to allow our physicians to get to know them. If the young woman is not yet sexually active, the appointment may only involve talking about health topics, including menstruation, puberty, sexuality and contraception. Dr. Escarzaga and our Austin ObGyns also discuss general health issues such as body image, dating safety, acne and emotional health.

If a young woman is sexually active, Bailey Escarzaga, M.D., will perform a physical examination, a pelvic examination and testing for sexually transmitted infections. She will explain every step of a young woman’s first pelvic exam, which is performed slowly and gently.

An important part of adolescent gynecology is providing young women with a safe environment where they can feel free to honestly discuss their problems without fear of judgment. Dr. Escarzaga strives to foster such an environment with all her patients.

From adolescence to post-menopause, Dr. Escarzaga enjoys caring for women

Bailey Escarzaga, M.D., is excited to join our Austin ObGyns. She will help women at every stage of life, including adolescence, obstetrics, menopause and post-menopause. “I am most looking forward to caring for women in different stages of life and getting to know them. I enjoy all aspects of obstetrics and gynecology from annual wellness exams to pregnancy care.”

To meet Dr. Escarzaga and schedule an appointment, contact us. Women can expect compassion and world-class care when they visit Women Partners in Health.

March 13th, 2018