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Dr. Jason Gooch recognized as a Texas Super Doctor and One of the Best OB/GYN Doctors in Austin

Dr. Jason Gooch recognized as a Texas Super Doctor and One of the Best OB/GYN Doctors in Austin.

Dr. Jason Gooch has been a provider at the OB/GYN Group of Austin for the past 11 years. Dr. Gooch and his wife, Dr. Michelle Gooch, moved from Amarillo to join the OB/GYN Group of Austin. Dr. Gooch is a patient favorite, having been described as a compassionate physician who pays great attention and listens to his patients. He has received numerous awards and honors in the past. Recently, he was recognized on the Super Doctors 2017 list that is featured in Texas Monthly every year and was voted one of the “Best OB/GYN Doctors in Austin” in the annual “Best of Austin Health and Fitness” held by Austin Fit Magazine.

The Super Doctors Award is given out to approximately 5% of physicians within the respective state or region, honoring only the highest-scoring doctors. Recipients are nominated by their peers, evaluated based on 10 different indicators and then reviewed by the highest scoring doctors in their specialty before being chosen.

Thousands of Austinites voted for their favorite people and places as part of Austin Fit Magazine’s “Best of Austin Health and Fitness 2017”, honoring who they see as the best in health in Austin. Dr. Gooch was voted one of the top two OB/GYN Doctors in Austin in 2017.

Dr. Jason Gooch works Monday through Friday, providing his patients with consistency and comfort in knowing that making appointments with him allows for more flexibility. His schedule gives him the opportunity to establish a more personal relationship with his patients. Dr. Gooch works with many athletes, due to his specific interest in exercise and pregnancy. He works with his patients to set goals and guidelines that fit their personal history and current fitness level, and has even run a marathon with one of his patients. You can read about her story and how Dr. Gooch helped her achieve her goals here.

What drew you to The OB/GYN Group of Austin?

The OB/GYN Group of Austin has a great reputation, being one of the first OB/GYN groups in Austin, founded by Dr. Joseph Des Rosiers (under the name Des Rosiers and Wernecke, Associates). I did my undergraduate studies at UT and fell in love with Austin during those years. I had always planned to return to Austin to practice medicine once I completed residency and medical school. The group was attractive to me due to their long history of providing excellent care for women.

What would you like every patient to know?

You get personalized care here without having to be just a number. Patients don’t have to wait hours in a lobby to see a doctor because my team strives to be very efficient. Also, we are able to provide many ancillary services in our office rather than referring patients elsewhere for labwork, ultrasounds, mammograms, bone densities, etc. Many procedures are able to be performed in the office rather than at the hospital or surgery center which minimizes the cost for patients.

What differentiates your approach to practicing obstetrics and gynecology from other providers?

I see my patients every visit during their pregnancy, so they don’t see a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant for their prenatal care. This allows for a more personal relationship. Also, since I’m in the office 5 days per week, I end up delivering about 80% of my patients’ babies. For gynecologic patients, I do everything from routine well-woman exams to state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgery. I have extensive experience with urinary incontinence procedures, robotic surgery, in-office endometrial ablations for heavy periods, and in-office sterilization procedures.

What is your favorite part of your workday?

I love getting to know and take care of my pregnant patients. From the surgery side of things, I like to see how improved my patients are when they come back for their post-op appointments. Oftentimes, they are amazed at how quickly they have healed.

What daily healthy habits do you practice?

I took up running probably 8 or 9 years ago in an effort to improve my own health and went from just being a casual runner trying to huff and puff for 3 miles around Town Lake to running marathons. I train 2-3 times per week with a running group downtown and have now run multiple marathons. This year will be my third trip for the Boston Marathon.

What most excites you about the future of women’s health care?

I have an interest in exercise and pregnancy so I work with a lot of pregnant athletes. There have been a lot of myths and not a lot of data on exercise and pregnancy, especially with elite and endurance athletes. Several studies have dispelled these myths and have led to more acceptance of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy. From a surgery standpoint, advances in technology continue to allow for surgeries to be less invasive and for people to recover faster which is exciting.

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Jason Gooch here.