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Dr. Michelle Gooch provides a holistic approach for all patients

Dr. Michelle Gooch provides a holistic approach for all patients.

Dr. Michelle Gooch brings a unique aspect to The OB/GYN Group of Austin through her collaborative approach to obstetrical care. Working with Dr. Claire Hoverman and nurse practitioner Gretchen Palmer, Dr. Gooch helps serve the women of Austin at our Southwest Medical Village location. Dr. Gooch and her husband, Dr. Jason Gooch, moved from Amarillo to join the OB/GYN Group of Austin over 10 years ago.

Dr. Gooch is passionate and excited about the advancements in technology, such as less invasive tests that help prevent and treat women’s health issues more efficiently. With a focus on preventative medicine, Dr. Gooch treats many gynecological issues such as bleeding abnormalities, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and menopausal issues.

Learn more about Dr. Michelle Gooch and her holistic approach to obstetrics and gynecology.

What drew you to The OB/GYN Group of Austin?

This group of physicians is a wonderful group to work with and the schedule was conducive to both my personal and professional life and offered me a lot of flexibility.

What would you like every patient to know?

I would like every patient to know that I do practice the full scope of services, except for delivery. I take care of pregnancies and am there with my patients the whole way, the only difference being that one of my partners will deliver the baby at Seton instead of me. You still get the full experience through us!

What differentiates your approach to practicing obstetrics and gynecology from other providers?

I take a more holistic approach to it. I look at health, environmental, diet and exercise aspects to see if we can make a small change to help them first, before making a more permanent decision or change.

What is your favorite part of your workday?

Seeing return patients that I’ve known for a long time. I love getting to see pictures of my patient’s kids and catch up on how they’ve been. My favorite part of the workday is definitely getting to keep up with everybody.

What daily healthy habits do you personally practice?

I try to eat well and exercise, whether it’s running or going to the gym. I also strive to get outside as much as possible.

What most excites you about the future of women’s health care?

I’d say the development of less invasive tests to treat disorders and women’s health issues because we will be able to prevent them better and treat them more easily. The less invasive tests will allow us to treat issues more simply with less stress and less downtime.

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