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Dr. Nunnelly partners with patients to manage their health

Dr. Nunnelly partners with patients to manage their health.

The OB/GYN Group of Austin has been the choice of Austin women for over 50 years. Originally known as Drs. Des Rosiers & Wernecke, Associates, the OB/GYN Group of Austin was established in 1965. Dr. Patrick D. Nunnelly joined the practice in 1984 and has served as President of the group since 1995. 

Dr. Nunnelly brings his years of experience and knowledge in both obstetrics and gynecology to our practice. Above all, Dr. Nunnelly is committed to partnering with his patients to manage their healthcare and form strong, caring relationships.

Learn more about Dr. Nunnelly:

What drew you to The OB/GYN Group of Austin?

The reputation of the doctors that were in the group and the popularity of the group with patients and hospital staff.

What would you like every patient to know?

I would like every patient to know how important it is to partner with their doctor in managing their healthcare. 

What differentiates your approach to practicing obstetrics and gynecology from other providers?

I like to consider the whole person including the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient as well as their immediate health problem.  Many patients depend on me as their primary care provider.

What is your favorite part of your workday?

My favorite part of my workday is meeting new patients and having the opportunity to start a long-term partnership to benefit their health.  I always enjoy seeing the babies I have delivered or cared for at the postpartum visits.  It is fun to see my obstetric patients because they are excited to be there and get feedback about their baby’s progress. 

What daily healthy habits do you practice?

I exercise most days whether it’s walking, jogging, swimming or biking.  I do a spin class and work out at the gym weekly.  I always take the stairs and never take the elevator to our office or at the hospital (sometimes to the 8th floor).  I start the day with a high fiber breakfast, do not eat between meals, and limit sweets.  I try to monitor daily calorie intake to keep my weight in a healthy range.

What most excites you about the future of women’s health care?

The development of minimally invasive surgical techniques has been and will be an ongoing focus to shorten recovery times for gynecologic procedures, this has made a huge difference already. The recent emphasis on evidence-based medicine to direct the care of patients has had a significant impact, as well.  The developing science of genetic testing to identify women that are at increased risk for disease gives us the ability to intervene and often prevent breast, ovarian, and colon cancer. 

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