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Introducing the da Vinci Xi: An advancement in Single Site Laparoscopy Surgery

Introducing the da Vinci Xi: An Advancement in Single Site Laparoscopy Surgery.

Single site laparoscopy allows 21st century surgeons, including the Austin ObGyns here at Renaissance Women’s Group, to complete complex procedures using only one small incision coupled with an advanced array of robotic instruments and camera technology.

This practice reduces risk, limits infection and speeds healing time after surgical procedures. Until recently, most single site laparoscopy surgeries have been conducted using the da Vinci Si surgical system, a sophisticated robotic platform released in 2011.

Single site laparoscopy advances to the next level

As of its recent approval by the FDA, an updated platform called the da Vinci Xi will soon be entering the marketplace. The da Vinci Xi will offer the same advantages of the earlier model, but will also provide Austin ObGyns with improved visual access to the surgical area, easier set up and docking capabilities and improved mobility and access to the patient.

The future of single site laparoscopy

Our own Dr Devin Garza has been approached by Surgical Products (www.surgicalproductsmag.com) for an interview and a brief review of the new technology. As a surgeon with the Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery as well as the Renaissance Women’s Group, Dr Garza participated in FDA clinical trials prior to the release of the platform, and is now the first gynecologist in the world to perform a hysterectomy using the da Vinci Xi.

Very few Austin ObGyns can provide such a close perspective on the usability, market readiness and overall promise of this advanced technology, and Dr Garza offers a very positive outlook.

According to our resident expert, the new system’s docking capabilities are intuitive and easy, “the range of motion is better, and vision is markedly improved with a wider field of view.”

“Previous to this,” says Dr Garza, “the da Vinci Si System was the only system with single site one incision technology and instrumentation; now the latest iteration of the da Vinci platform – Xi System- has the same capability. Having done close to 150 single site laparoscopy surgeries on the Si System, I can tell you from experience that there is extremely high patient satisfaction. The incision entry, closure and recovery are the same.”

Contact our Austin ObGyns to learn more

We’re proud to count Dr. Garza among our highly respected team of Austin ObGyns, and we’re looking forward to the wider release of this innovative single site laparoscopy platform. For more information, contact the Renaissance Women’s group and speak to one of our experts.