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Laura Eastep, M.D., discusses the rewards of comprehensive care

Laura Eastep, M.D., discusses the rewards of comprehensive care.

Laura Eastep, M.D., enjoys working with our Austin ObGyns to provide women with the whole spectrum of care. She says, “Part of what attracted me to ObGyn in the first place was the comprehensive nature of the care.” It’s a process that involves educating and assisting women with the changes that occur throughout life. “Getting to start out with adolescents to address the problems they have, then following women through pregnancy and later helping women with the menopausal transition is gratifying.”

Educating women is an important goal for Laura Eastep, M.D.

Laura Eastep, M.D., believes that knowledge is power for women. She is dedicated to providing the vital information her patients need to handle life’s changes. She says, “Too often, women don’t really learn about the changes they will go through, and they don’t know what to expect as their hormones start changing in adolescence, pregnancy and peri-menopause.”

Dr. Eastep enjoys counseling women about issues they may encounter throughout life.

Dr. Eastep provides expert diagnosis and treatment for women of all ages

Our Austin ObGyns and Laura Eastep, M.D., provide a wide range of gynecology services for women of all ages. Dr. Eastep can diagnose and treat a wide range of women’s health issues, including recurrent UTIs, interstitial cystitis, heavy periods, abnormal cycles and spotting.

Prevention is the key to good health

A woman’s annual wellness visit is an important opportunity for Laura Eastep, M.D., and her patient to discuss general and reproductive health and wellness. During this visit, she performs a physical examination and discusses vital information and issues that can affect a woman’s health. The topics of discussion can run the gamut from vaccines that need to be updated to sexual dysfunction. From the first adolescent gynecology visit and college check-ups to yearly physicals, Dr. Eastep engages with women of all ages.

Laura Eastep, M.D., sums up her medical philosophy, saying, “I try to focus on keeping women in their best health while also equipping them to deal with those transitions that happen at each point in their lives.”

Women who are looking for a physician and advocate will enjoy partnering with Dr. Eastep. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our Austin ObGyns.

January 23rd, 2018