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Same day exam and mammogram at our one-stop shop for women’s wellness

Same day exam and mammogram at our one-stop shop for women’s wellness.

Our Oakwood Women’s Centre ObGyns understand that your life is busy, so we provide a one-stop shop for women’s wellness. You can schedule your annual mammograms and yearly wellness exams on the same day. Our physicians do everything possible to help you take care of yourself and your healthcare needs.

Annual wellness exams are the cornerstone of women’s wellness

Women’s wellness is all about preventive healthcare. Your yearly wellness exam is the perfect opportunity for you and your physician to discuss any changes that have occurred in your life in the last year or that you are planning to make in the future.

For example, you may be concerned about the changes you face during menopause, or you may need help finding the right birth control. Our Round Rock ObGyns address all women’s wellness questions and concerns during your annual check-up.

They will cover several areas during your exam.

  • Measure weight and blood pressure
  • Immunizations
  • STD screening
  • Address lifestyle issues
  • Perform a pelvic examination
  • Perform Pap smears, typically every three to five years

We provide mammograms in our office for your convenience

As part of our one-stop shop approach to women’s wellness, our Round Rock ObGyns provide conventional 2D mammograms and 3D mammography in our office. You can schedule your imaging exam on the same day as your annual exam. There’s no need to take time off on another day or travel to a different facility. It’s all right here for your convenience.

Part of women’s wellness involves giving you choices, allowing you to choose the type of screening mammogram you would like. The two different types of screening mammograms include:

  • Conventional mammograms provide two-dimensional images of the breast tissue.
  • 3D mammography creates three-dimensional images of breast tissue. This imaging study is performed with the same equipment and in the same way as conventional mammography, but it uses computer software to create more detailed images.

Our one-stop shop for wellness makes it easier to take care of yourself

Our Round Rock ObGyns offer a one-stop shop approach to annual women’s wellness to accommodate your busy life. If you’re looking for a place where your health is valued, contact us for an appointment.