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Vida Esfandiari MD helps women understand their birth control options

Vida Esfandiari MD helps women understand their birth control options.

While working at a federally qualified health center, Vida Esfandiari MD learned that women have many questions and concerns about their birth control options. She says, “I believe that women need to fully understand the risks and benefits of different birth control options. As an Austin ObGyn at Women Partners in Health, I enjoy helping patients find the contraceptive options that best suit their lifestyle.”

Vida Esfandiari MD helps women make contraceptive choices

Vida Esfandiari MD understands that a woman’s method of birth control is a personal choice, so the patient needs to feel comfortable with her physician. As an Austin ObGyn, Dr. Esfandiari helps women feel comfortable and relaxed as they talk about contraceptives. She provides them with complete and honest information, opening the door to a frank dialogue between physician and patient.

Patients can schedule a contraception consultation with Dr. Esfandiari

Birth control is an essential part of women’s care. Patients can schedule a contraception consultation with Vida Esfandiari MD. This appointment gives the patient and the physician time to fully discuss this topic.

Women can choose from barrier methods of birth control, hormonal birth control, long-acting reversible contraception or permanent birth control. Women should consider several things when selecting a birth control method.

  • Overall health
  • Possible side effects and risks
  • Possible benefits, such as lighter periods
  • The method’s effectiveness
  • Whether the method is reversible
  • A woman’s religious or cultural beliefs

A woman may benefit from one birth control method in her 20s and another in her 30s. Vida Esfandiari MD helps women discover the birth control options that work best at every age.

Dr. Esfandiari guides women on their healthcare journey from adolescence to menopause

Following patients throughout the stages of their lives inspires Dr. Esfandiari. She enjoys not only providing women with birth control information, but also with annual wellness care, gynecology care, obstetrical services and state-of-the-art surgery. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our Austin ObGyn, Vida Esfandiari MD.

September 12th, 2018