Women's Health Texas – Austin

Antibody Screen & Rhogam Injection

Rh antibody testing determines if you need Rhogam injection

As part of our standard diagnostic screening during pregnancy, Women’s Health Texas will perform Rh antibody testing to determine if you are Rh negative and may need Rhogam.

If you are Rh negative and the father of your baby is Rh positive, your baby can be Rh positive. In this case, there is a risk that blood cells from the Rh positive baby can enter your system and create an antibody reaction to Rh protein, which then could cause significant problems in a future pregnancy.

If you are Rh negative, we will request that you have the father of the baby have his blood tested for blood and Rh type. If he is positive, or we cannot obtain this information, you will be given a Rhogam shot at 28 weeks.

Rhogam is an injection that contains antibodies to Rh positive blood cells, and will destroy the fetal cells before your system can react to them. In most cases, this shot will prevent your system from forming an antibody reaction to the Rh positive cells.

You also will be given Rhogam anytime we think there is a risk of bleeding from baby’s system to yours, and after delivery (if baby is indeed determined to be Rh positive after birth).