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Preconception health tips from our Austin OBGYNs help you prepare for pregnancy

You’ve decided you’re ready for a baby, but how should you prepare for pregnancy? Our Austin OBGYNs offer preconception health advice to help you optimize your health for yourself and your baby to be.

Learn everything you can about preconception health as you prepare for pregnancy

The best way to get ready for pregnancy is to make a preconception planning appointment with our Austin OBGYNs. During this visit, our experienced physicians will discuss everything from nutrition, weight and exercise to fertility, vaccines and screening tests. This appointment is the perfect opportunity to learn more about achieving optimal health before you conceive.

Start with your diet

Now is the time to eat a healthy, balanced diet in the proper portions. Aim for a diet consisting of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, veggies and dairy products. Don’t forget to also eat foods that contain fiber. Eating well helps reduce sugar and unhealthy fats in your diet. A good diet also helps you get to and maintain a healthy weight. Exercise, both strengthening and aerobic, also helps you get healthy and reach an optimal pre-pregnancy weight.

Take folic acid and a multi-vitamin daily

Begin taking 400 micrograms of folic acid daily, plus a multi-vitamin. Folic acid is critical as you prepare for pregnancy because it reduces the risk of problems with your baby’s spine and other birth defects.

Pay attention to your environment

You probably don’t give your daily environment much thought, but it’s essential to pay attention to your home and workplace before pregnancy. If you live near or work with toxic substances or chemicals, you need to protect yourself. Toxins include items such as fertilizers, insect sprays, certain metals and chemicals. These substances can also harm the male reproductive system, so talk to your partner about his environment.

Stop smoking, drinking alcohol and using illegal substances

If you smoke, drink alcohol or use illegal substances or misuse prescription medications while you are pregnant, you increase the risk of several problems for yourself and your baby. Talk to our Austin OBGYNs if you are struggling with these problems, and they will provide you with compassionate, confidential care.

When you start to prepare for pregnancy, contact us for a preconception health appointment.