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Biology and teaching led Dr. Collins to become a doctor

Hear Dr. Collins describe what led her into a career in medicine and what she likes most about being an ObGyn.

Video Transcript

So my name is Melanie Collins I grew up in Temple, Texas. I was the daughter of a military serviceman so I grew up all over the place actually was born in Germany and have lived in like seventeen different places so but I kind of went to my high school in Temple Texas so not too far from here.

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I became interested in medicine in a very long process. I went to college kind of thinking I was going to be an engineer just did not like that at all so then I switched around majors many times and finally came back to biology and then after I was almost through with my degree so I was a senior by this point I really still had not decided I thought I might be a professor. I went to a job even know what we called it back then a computer program back in that a long time ago when computer programs were very easy about what sorts of fields you might be interested in and I came out with dr. so I kind of looked at it in a different way after that and I kind of think that some of the things that I really liked about biology and teaching sort of became why I wanted to become a doctor then.

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I went to undergraduate school here at the University of Texas at Austin and I was not too far from home. I loved UT and then when I went to medical school I went to the University of Texas at Houston did ObGyn there for four years and then wanted to always come back to Austin.

What I really liked about ObGyn was the patients. I like the idea of seeing women during a well state and helping them maintain that well state you know I think there’s a lot of educational opportunities so I like to think of you know taking care of patients as kind of a team concept you know when a patient comes to me I like to get to know her personally and you know know a little bit about her family maybe I’ve delivered her babies and so you know find out how our kids are doing think that’s part of why I like ObGyn so much too is just you know getting to know people over a long period of time.

Right now my kids are you know very active teenage boys so I spend a lot of time with them on vacations we like to do very active things hiking fishing. I watch a lot of football, a lot of lacrosse, a lot of basketball games. So I really enjoyed that I mean that’s that’s what I do when I’m by myself I love to cook it’s kind of a left to read cookbooks and watch cooking shows and play around in the kitchen and when nobody else is home that’s probably where you’ll find me.