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Dr. Darby discovers what makes it all worthwhile

A revolutionary procedure saved a baby’s life and garnered Dr. Darby an invitation to the young woman’s college graduation.

Video Transcript

I’m Byron Darby I’m a physician with Renaissance Women’s Group now division of Central Texas OB/GYN. I grew up in northeast Texas in a little small town called Grand Saline near Tyler, Texas. About 2,000 people.I was probably your typical kid growing up in the 50s and 60s interested in baseball and the things that boys like to do like bicycles and pull girls hair. I was – you know – grew up my whole life in that one small town and then then went off to the University of Texas for undergraduate. Went off to Dallas, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School for a residency and then came back to Austin just as quick as I could in 1981.

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I really enjoyed dealing with the happy occasion and dealing with delivering babies and bringing new life into the world and seeing the joy that that brought to families. I started out practice in Austin as just a regular ObGyn physician taking care of patients, doing their annual exams, delivering their babies. But I also had an interest in ultrasound. It was why i came to Austin years ago. It was a very early field, very early in the in the development of it and so now I don’t deliver babies anymore. I don’t do annual exams but I’m a consultant primarily for physicians in our practice to do ultrasounds for patients. To help them take care of patients who have babies that have problems and and to try to identify problems for patients.

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I like to listen to patients. I think that in order to understand where they’re coming from we have to hear what they have to say first and it’s something that once I understand their problems and hear what they have to say it allows me to begin to use the expertise and knowledge and intuition that i have about okay what’s the problem, where do we where do we go with this, how do we solve the problem. And I think I’m good at listening to people. I think I’m good at taking the information and then solving the problem and hopefully we can help patients out with it.

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I’m pretty widespread in terms of outside activities. I like to read a lot on the weekend, cook in my house, like to cook a lot. Pretty athletic nowadays. My arthritic knees won’t keep me from doing much other than tennis and water skiing but we’re still doing that. Something interesting about me was that I did manage to make it to the front page of the Austin American-Statesman one time back in the late 80s. I discovered a baby a fetus that was about midway through pregnancy that had a very severe problem and this baby had accumulated a great deal of fluid within its body due to a growth in the baby’s lung and this baby was very close to not living, to dying.

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And my partner and I decided that we had to try something desperate and was truly revolutionary at the time, had not been done very many times. We’d seen it done a couple of times other places but not been tried in Austin and so we essentially put a chest tube in this baby through moms abdomen and drain the fluid off of this tumor off of this growth on babies long. And the fluid around baby went away and the baby recovered and last year I got an invitation to this young woman’s college graduation so that made it all worthwhile.