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Dr. Eastep believes in empowering women

Dr. Eastep describes the day-to-day moments with patients that reminder her she’s chosen the right path in life.

Video Transcript


I grew up in Southeast Texas in Beaumont where I was around medicine with my uncle and aunt who practiced in internal medicine from the time I was a young child. Going through high school and college I worked in their office as I was finishing school and when I started college I was fairly certain that I wanted to go into medicine but I also was toying with the idea of a career in science and industry. I got my degree in chemistry and ultimately worked in industry for about three years after I finished as an environmental chemist. During that time that was when it sort of solidified that I did want to go into medicine and I knew that the environmental industry wasn’t what I planned to do a long term.



When I first started medical school I actually wasn’t sure what specialty I wanted to go into. During your first years of medical school you generally do a lot of class work and your third and fourth years when you get into more in the clinical aspects so when I decided I wanted to go into ObGyn was actually my ObGyn rotation. The very first day I walked in to labor and delivery and I met someone who is now a good friend and colleague and she asked me “do you want to deliver a baby” and so I’ve sort of thrown in so to speak.



My philosophy is basically empowerment of women you know in all aspects of their life. You know many times we don’t get the education that we need you know when we’re adolescents and everything new that’s going on with our bodies and so you know that’s one of the things that I try to focus on is giving women that knowledge that they need to deal with the changes that are happening whether it be in adolescence whether it be during the course of pregnancy whether and menopause you know just empowering them with that information to stay in their best health at all points of their life.



One thing that my husband and I like to talk about when we sort of talk about that at the end of our day, what happened, what’s going on, is what we kind of refer to as quote “Dr. moment”. So almost on a daily if not weekly basis like you have those moments where you really connect with a patient where you know something that you guys have done together, worked on together has worked – the patient is feeling better. Like whatever condition they’re dealing with is getting better and those little what we call “Dr. moments” are what sort

of solidifies you know this is what I should be doing. Making sure that I’m, you know, doing things that are helping people achieve their best health and be better people in general.



Oh gosh if I weren’t going to be a doctor it would probably something completely different like cooking but if that’s something that I tend to do in my spare time so going to culinary school may be something else that I would be interested in doing.