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Dr. Fitzpatrick enjoys the blend of art and science in medicine

Listen to Dr. Fitzpatrick tell what led him to becoming an ObGyn and why he values trust and communication.

Video Transcript

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My name is Michael Fitzpatrick, and I grew up in Austin. It was a different Austin at that time. An Austin of 150,000. And growing up in Austin, I went to University of Texas after that.

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I initially started out going to the business school, but it just– it didn’t excite me. And I was always more of a science, math guy, so the natural progression was to migrate over to the world of medicine. And I always loved taking care of animals growing up, and so it was either veterinary medicine or taking care of people. And I went the route of the people.

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Went to medical school down in Galveston, which was a great experience. And during medical school, when we went into the clinical rotations, what neater thing than to bring a life into the world and deliver a baby. At that time, I also realized that OB/GYN is unique in that it combines the ability to practice surgery, which I really love, along with primary care. So it’s a unique blend of those two types of medicine. You hear people talk about the art and the science of medicine, and it’s a unique blend of those things.

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My philosophy for patient care is one of mutual trust and communication. The doctor/patient team is built on that, and it’s so important. Through the years, I’ve had the fortune, the good fortune, of taking care of three different generations of people– the grandmothers, the mothers, and their children. And now, I’m delivering children of the children I delivered.

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In my spare time, I have no lack of hobbies. My wife and I spend a lot of time going down to the coast. I love to fish and I’m equally as comfortable in the flats of a saltwater bay as I am in a mountain stream fly fishing for trout. I certainly love sports, and we have a great time in the office, particularly around football season, because there’s some jousting that goes on with my patients that know who I’m a fan of, and I know who they’re a fan of.

00:02:26.34] I love college sports. Played college sports. And my patients know that I enjoy that. And so we have a good time discussing all of the college sports.