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Dr. Garza followed in his father’s footsteps

A passion for family drew Dr. Garza toward a fulfilling career as an ObGyn.

Video Transcript

My name is Devin Garza and I grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. I became interested in medicine primarily because my father is an OB GYN. He’s retired, he practiced for many many years and growing up as the fourth of five children you kinda and as a son he you want to kind of get your dad’s notice. I just knew that he was always busy and he was always happy with what he did. But he kind of didn’t want me to become an OB GYN.

Its very happy for me become a doctor my sister’s a doctor, I had another sister that’s a nurse and a younger brother that went to med school and but I knew that someone that is happy as he was with the occupation that he did has to be something to it. I never thought of becoming anything else besides a doctor from the time I was a child really nothing else entered my mind until college where I thought about possibly doing music but I think that I was guided in this direction to be able to take care of people. To be able to take care of people to be able to take care of them like i would my family and have a father that was an OB GYN really impressed on me taking care of women special interest for women’s health care needs.

I went to medical school at the University of Texas Health Center at San Antonio. My wife of 22 years now, and I were still dating at the time she was at the University of Texas, my alma mater, hook’em horns and I wanted to pick somewhere close I decided an ObGyn really it was kind of a an exercise in looking at all the other different residences and the ways that it seemed as though you’d practice as a physician when you got out of residency and nothing really held my interest.

I really really wanted to be able to take care of patients long term really love the idea of family practice being able to take care of Patients and families but i really love the surgical aspect of just surgery and gynecology offers an amazing array of technology to be able to take care of women in a very very minimally invasive format.

And that has actually panned out very well for women’s health care with regard to laparoscopy minimally invasive efforts. Robotic Da Vinci laparoscopy which is my sub specialty and it just keeps getting better to be able to take care of women in ways that we really haven’t even though of and haven’t really come to fruition yet.

In my spare time whenever that time comes along I like to fill that with family mostly. I think that being on call taking care of babies, which I love to do, does take time away from your your home life and I love spending time with my four kids, my wife. Typically a time off for me, means time on with them.