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Dr. Loar is passionate about minimally-invasive surgery

Coming from a family of doctors, Dr. Loar always knew medicine was the path for her. Listen to her discuss how innovation is changing health care for women.

Video Transcript

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I’m Kim Loar and I grew up in Fort Worth, North Texas and then I left Texas for a while and now we’re back the last few years.

Medicine – that I was always interested in. My dad’s a doctor and my brother’s a doctor and my uncle’s a doctor so lots of doctors in the family. So it was always out there and I was interested in science growing up. So, I think as far as I can remember I knew that’s what I was going to do.

ObGyn originally intrigued me because it was half surgery and half primary care and that’s kind of what I liked. Initially I was interested in just surgery and then I was exposed to ObGyn. I thought it was it was even better it’s very well-rounded and I didn’t want to get bored or anything and I liked taking care of younger people and being able to actually fix people’s problems.

I went to medical school at UTMB in Galveston, residency in Jacksonville, Florida at University of Florida.

The specialty or the specific side of V that i’m most interested in is a surgical part. I do love OB and I’m not going to give that up ever but the minimally invasive part of gynecology has has just really improved over the last few years and it’s a really exciting field. The Da Vinci robotic surgeries is really interesting and exciting and and that’s what I do the most of and what I’m most interested in. The recovery time is dramatically shorter and the blood loss from surgeries is that’s been the most dramatic for me is we’ve gone from losing a significant amount of blood sometimes in major surgeries to very little and and it’s just been amazing to see how fast the patients are back to work and back to their normal activities.

For patient care what I try to help people get when they come here is it’s easy access to a comfortable environment where they can come and talk about their problems or concerns and we can fix them efficiently with the most up-to-date tools. Then also with compassion, myself and my assistants, all of us are moms and daughters and we have or you know we have daughters and grandmothers. And so just about anything you come in with I think that not only have I probably treated patients for that several times but you know I’ve probably experienced it firsthand.

In my spare time spend time with my husband and my two young kids and I do a lot of running and traveling. An interesting fact is I’ve been hiking in the Himalayas and I’ve run a few marathons.