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Dr. MacLeod was drawn to medicine from a young age

A desire to help others mixed with a passion for curiosity led Dr. MacLeod to a career where she can be a partner for her patients.

Video Transcript

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So my name is Dr. Jessica Montalvo. I grew up in Austin and moved here when I was five and went to school my whole life in Austin. Went to UT Austin for undergraduate and then moved away to Dallas because there isn’t a medical school in Austin so I didn’t have a choice. I did my medical school training in Dallas at UT Southwestern and my residency training of obstetrics and gynecology at Baylor in Dallas and moved back to Austin as soon as soon as I possibly could.

I became interested in medicine probably since I was you know a toddler. My parents remember me telling them that I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up before I remember that happening so that’s the short answer. The real answer is that I always knew I wanted to do something that could be of benefit to other people. My mom’s a social worker and it’s been a lot of time with her on site visits and helping people was an important part of her job and important part of her ethics and that she instilled in me. And my dad’s a scientist so we had completely opposite polar opposite professions there and I sort of merged the two of those. My dad instilled in me a love of learning and curiosity about the world and my mom instilled you know the need to help other people and take care of other people and medicine you know just fills both of those into one. So pretty much a perfect fit for me.

I decided to do ObGyn when I was in medical school. I loved so many things about it. I loved the interaction with patients. I loved that you could form a long-term relationship with your patient. I loved taking care of women. I loved the excitement of the operating room and getting to really make a difference in a person’s life in a very substantial way. I love obstetrics and being part of a couple becoming a family and getting to be there in that sort of very special moment in a family. And obstetrics and gynecology lets me do all of those things every day. I never know how my day is gonna go and every day is sort of a new adventure so I love that.

My philosophy for patient care is I really want to be a partner in a woman’s health care. I want to be able to take my expertise and my know-how and my skills and match those with my patient’s ethics and her own life experiences and her values and make sure that every patient encounter that I have my patient walks away with the knowledge that she needs to make a good decision. And I know that whatever outcome that we have is based on sort of mutual respect and knowledge that my best intentions are there to get her well and to really increase her health.

So in my spare time, what spare time I have, it’s pretty much spent with my family. I have a two-year-old daughter and we love being outside and taking advantage of all that Austin has to offer in terms of outdoor activities. We love going to museums and sort of exploring the world. I like to travel with my husband and I like to read. Mostly family stuff.