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Dr. Michel got her start doing medical research

Dr. Michel explains why it’s so important to make her patients feel calm and comfortable.

Video Transcript

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My name is Dr. Stephanie Michel and I grew up in a number of places. My dad was in the military and so we moved around a lot as a kid when I was 13 he settled in New Orleans and so we’ve lived there several years and that’s where my family is now.

I first became interested in medicine doing medical research. I worked at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta was in college and there I did research and public health and infectious disease. After college I did research in cancer at Tulane Medical School and I really enjoyed science and research but I felt there was something missing. I missed that people interaction and I had a mentor at the school who really encouraged me to go into medicine.

I was first during obstetrics and gynecology first. I was really drawn to delivering babies and I found that very rewarding I while I was in medical school I spent the summer working with an ObGyn and rural Louisiana I remember he turned to me once and said you know I delivered this patient 20 years ago and I just love that part about such as its unique part of obstetric is that we can take care of patients through their whole life and have that lifetime relationship with them.

I’m particularly interested in minimally invasive surgery and by this I mean either no incision or very small incisions and with these particular surgeries we have very good outcomes and it allows for a faster recovery and less complications.

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My philosophy for patient care is to make my patients experience as comfortable as possible and I know that coming to the gynecologist can be very stressful. I know this from personal experience and from listening to my patients and so I really try to provide a sense of calm and you know it might be awkward for them it they may have had a bad experience before or they might just be worried about what I might find and so I just tried to put them at ease.

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Well I’m not only an ObGyn, I’m a mom and I have three children I have two boys very active that’s very busy and this past summer we were blessed with a baby girl so that’s a lot of my time I try to stay sane I like to run that’s our sanity there and my plan my goal next year is to run my first marathon so this to happens.

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An interesting fact that I think people are surprised is that I’m a huge Elvis fan and I’m not sure why they’re so surprised I think every study should be an Elvis fan but you know I love his music and I wish I could onto one of his concerts and I love Elvis.