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Dr. Mills specializes in high-risk pregnancies

Dr. Mills discusses her training and background in obstetrics and how it led her to become interested in high-risk pregnancies.

Video Transcript

My name is Dr. Terry Mills I am from a small town in South Texas it is called Pleasanton. It is about 8,000 people, so I grew up in a small town. My pediatrician was wonderful and he had just a warm caring heart and any course he made me feel better when I went to see him. I think that’s kind of what started kind of you know my thoughts about being being a doctor.

So after graduation from Pleasanton, I went to University of Texas here in Austin and stayed a longhorn and moved on to University of Texas at Houston for medical school and stayed in Houston for residency. During the time when I entered medical school I was really unsure what what specialty, you know being from a small town and you know I considered going back to a small town. Considered family practice obviously pediatrics since I had such a close relationship with my pediatrician.

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But what really moved me towards obstetrics and gynecology was just caring for women. And obviously you know delivering a baby into the world is just an amazing experience and I think that started my interest specifically for obstetrics and gynecology. Within that though, I really dealt with a lot of high-risk and obstetric impatient, so I think my training was was excellent in that area. I think that’s you know that kind of was a foundation of why I you know have an interest now in high-risk obstetrics.

I also like ultrasound as well, again my residency experience, we did a lot of GYN ultrasound as well as obstetric ultrasound and that’s continued and so I’ve been so thankful to have Dr. Darby in our practice where I’ve been able to work with him and continue learning.

But also to do ultrasound and throughout the month in addition to my practice, I think you know when I think about taking care of patients I always kind of put myself as a patient, I’m a patient as well, but in what I desire and in my position and my experience and I think I really strive to make it a very personable experience. Again, I think growing up in a small town, I do like for things to be very individualized. I really like to get to know my patients and so I try to start there.

I am married to wonderful man Sean and I have two beautiful children, Garrett whose four and Emery who is two, so in my spare time I am very busy with family life. And so we do a lot of family trips. We enjoy being outdoors – hiking & riding bikes. I love college football, so often see me at UT games during the football season. We like to travel and so in our spare time, we do try to get to new places. Growing up neither of us traveled a lot so its nice to travel with the new new new cities.
Interesting fact about myself, when I first, well my husband and I we took a trip right before we got married to Hawaii and hiked out to the actual lava flow Kilauea, which was amazing experience. Very hot but you know once in a lifetime experience to actually see you know lava flow.