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Dr. Murphree says ObGyn is the perfect blend of everything in medicine

Watch Dr. Murphree talk about how he’s spent the last 25+ years focused on developing individual relationships with his patients.

Video Transcript

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I’m Paul Murphree I grew up in North Mississippi in small-town Shelby, Mississippi about 3,000 people about 100 miles south of Memphis if you know where that is.

Well I was always interested from the time I was a small child I think in science and advances that were going on and my best friend’s dad when I was a kid was a family doctor in town so I think here’s big influence on my early development and from the time I was very young I always wanted to be a doctor to me it was the greatest blend of science and art that she could achieve so that took me to medical school.At the University Mississippi in Jackson I went to Ole Miss and into medical school there.

Well you know I started in family practice because I’d always had the notion that I wanted to be a small-town doctor and take care of families through their lives and actually went to a residency program and family practice in Alabama. The problem there was that the first three months I spent doing OB GYN and I just fell in love with the specialty it’s such a great blend of everything that’s in medicine that to me it was the thing to do so that’s where my heart was so then I had to find a residency program after the first year so I looked in New Orleans are looking in several other cities and found Houston it was a great program there so that’s how I got to Texas.

I’ve been here about 26 years now and I taking care of generations of patients I’m coming from the background of the small town and just primary care ideals I’ve always thought that taking care of a patient through their lifespan taking care of all their problems as much as I’m trying to do was the right thing to do so the care I deliver is usually focused on the patient and not their disease very much primary care focused with all the skills that an obstetrician-gynecologist has. My focus is always on the care of the individual their person their personal needs and their families as well not so much just the disease that they present with.

Oh there’s a lot of things in my spare time. I’ve always been an artist so enjoy painting I do a lot of photography and as my grandchildren get over I did a lot of portrait photography if they’ll hold still. Golf is a new hobby my my son and my sons-in-law both play call three play golf some ambition in life is to compete with him on some client I usually let them beat me but it’s a great fun going out there and playing with yeah.

I just finished a master’s program so I have a great deal of interest in learning I always have had so I got kind of Restless in approaching middle age years and decided to go off and do some more studies so I studied public health and policy which has a great deal of interest for me it’s been an interesting few years but that’s all finished now so now I can spend more time playing golf with the kids the medical school came to town a few years ago wanted to expand to Round Rock I never thought Round Rock would have a medical skill and probably since I’ve been here longer than anyone else they asked me to help start their program. Which I did and now I’m the chair of the program spend a fair amount of time in direct teaching and setting up the curriculum for the students working with the faculty and trying to train new doctors to go out and do what I did when I was their age so in a way I’m kind of living vicariously through my students.