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Dr. Orth educates women about breast health

Hear Dr. Orth explain how she balances being clinical with being personal as she tries to understand what each patient is going through.

Video Transcript

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I went to undergraduate at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and majored in mathematics. I always knew I wanted to be a doctor that’s age 12 when I used to volunteer at the hospital where my dad worked and my dad would call me up at the pediatric floor and asked me to come watch hi surgeries so I always knew I wanted to be a surgeon but at the time I didn’t know that it would be GYN until our gynecology until medical school and then after a medical school at University of Missouri in Columbia and then I went to residency in Houston and met my husband there.

What drew me to being an ObGyn as I enjoyed this as enjoyed surgery and I also enjoyed explaining to women the female diseases and also just the simple routine exams and what were what a doctor is looking at with that and then I also in medical school loved obstetric part of ObGyn delivering a baby and just seen a newborn be born just the miracle of a baby and very easy to decide who I had always at first I thought oh maybe general surgery but once I did the ObGyn rotation it became very obvious that I loved ObGyn.

My passion for ObGyn is gradually changing I have gone from where I thought obstetrics was I main calling to leaning more even toward just do I am and from more personal experiences dealing with breast cancer and realizing that breast cancer isn’t as scary as it has to be and and I welcome the chance to talk about breast cancer and even breast cancer screening or my patients have abnormalities and are worried I enjoy talking about it.

My philosophy for care is that when a new patient comes to the office that they feel welcome and that they feel that I’m here to listen to their needs and answer their questions and also provide them with more information.

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So being part of a large group has a lot of resources and it is like getting a consult from five other physicians so I feel very comfortable speaking with my partners and getting other opinions and also finding more resources and answers for patients I feel that in our office that we do we do each have different personalities and I do enjoy partnering with my patients and finding what they’re interested in and what they’re looking at in terms of for healthcare and and for a physician I enjoy getting to know them and getting to know their family also i I do find it very important to be clinical but also to be personal and to understand and try to understand what a patient is going through and what they’re worried about I think I found myself going into GYN when I had so many questions about women’s health and diagnosing women’s diseases and I do feel that I can explain things in a simple manner if it’s something that seems complicated and I do feel that finding you know finding an answer to the treatment that you want there are so many options and that that’s something that you know it it takes a lot of discussing and a lot of looking into different areas.

I enjoy being with my husband and my two girls in my spare time. I like to run, I like to golf and I like to play tennis.