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Dr. Reich says ObGyn is a combination of brains, hands and emotions

Dr. Reich enjoys working with teenagers as she helps them become comfortable with the changes their bodies are going through.

Video Transcript

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My name is Stephanie Reich and I grew up in Dallas although my family’s originally from the Northeast.

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I became interested in medicine basically at home my mom is a pharmacist and my dad as a cardiologist and but I remember when I was younger was that I used to go in rounds with my dad and really really enjoyed it and it was actually really a really proud moment for me when after I finished Medical School in residency he went on rounds with me.

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I chose to go into ObGyn because it’s a great combination of brains, hands and emotions. You get to help people develop a healthy lifestyle you get to work through complicated
medical problems with them certainly if we get to the point where surgery is required we always choose the minimally invasive approach whenever possible and then helping people build the family that they want is an incredible experience so it’s hard to go wrong in the specialty.

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I’m really interested in working with teenagers. It’s quite an honor for moms who have been your patients for a long time to bring their teenage daughters to you and that’s been really fun for me and that time my preference has really been growing quite a bit lately. Sometimes when it’s time for young women to come in for their first exam it can be kind of scary for them so there’s really it’s so I recently had a patient who came in with some problems and at the end of the exam. I think she was relieved she gave me a fist bump and told me I was Beast which turns out is a good thing so that was pretty cool and I really I’m hoping to I’m enjoying taking care of this I’m taking care of teenagers and it’s really important to me to help this group become comfortable with the changes that they’re going through, to learn to inhabit their bodies and to
feel empowered to make great health decisions.

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Well when you first come in we you know need to get to know each other so we just sit down and go through your medical history and make sure that you have an opportunity to tell us tell me anything that you need to tell me, to ask any questions that you specifically have and then I’ll let you know what’s going to happen next talk about the physical exam once that’s done we sit back down kind of review what we found out make some suggestions and then if there’s additional testing that needs to be done we’ll take you down that path. The way I see my job is to is to evaluate you as carefully and thoroughly as I can and then to give you as much information as possible and help guide you through the decisions that you’re going to need to make about your own healthcare.

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Everyone’s, everyone’s experience around their health is unique to them and so it’s very very important to treat each person as an individual and you can’t you can’t you can’t just you can’t just read it out of a book you have to listen to what that person is saying and look at what that person’s needs are and make your recommendations based on those things.

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So in my spare time I like to spend as much time as possible with my family we we do a lot of musical activities we’re all we’re all involved and my son sings in the high school choir we’re also a very active family my daughter is a synchronized swimmer and I’ve had the opportunity for the last couple of years to be the apparel goddess for the for the swim team so I order all of their uniforms and t-shirts and all that kind of stuff. For myself I like to read and cook and I like to run only half marathons though nothing really long and I’m the designated putter on the golf course that’s as far as I’ve gotten in golf.