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Dr. Yium values the time she gets to spend with patients

Developing a real rapport and building meaningful relationships with patients made ObGyn the right choice for Dr. Yium.

Video Transcript

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My name is Vanessa, I’m actually from Austin, I was born in Austin, then moved around a little bit. Was in the Bay Area for a while, ended up back in Austin and then went away to college in Colorado Springs. And yeah its beautiful there and then I went to medical school in Houston at Baylor. I did my residency in Dallas and then have been back in Austin for eight years now.



Actually all through medical school I really loved surgery and I thought about going into surgery but there were issues with it, you get a very short span of time with a patient, you kind of take care of that one issue and then they move on.


An what I really liked and I think what most of us like about ObGyn is that you know you can see a patient even if she has an acute problem. If it’s you know that she needs quickly but you’re still going to see her before and after and she’s still going to see me for her annuals. There’s nothing like the time you spend with a pregnant patient and the deliveries are so fun. And I love delivering babies but really it’s about that I mean if you develop a huge rapport with people when you see them all the time for nine months.


Then the second baby is my favorite because we know each other and you get to visit about the first one and it’s that kind of span of their lives that I get to be a part of is really special. And I still get to do the surgical part that I really like but instead of just surgery and then they’re gone I get to do surgery and then get to see them again and follow up and deliver a baby. And someday deliver a baby’s baby which freaks me out because that sounds like I’ll be ancient at that point but any time now it’s going to start happening.


So my philosophy of patient care I think it’s important especially when you really individualize patient practice, that you incorporate patient safety so we use evidence-based medicine to kind of make sure we provide a safety net. We’re doing things that are well-studied you know and that everyone is safe you know for example an obstetric patient, there’s a huge variety. Some of them want to walk in and get an epidural when they walk in the door and some of them want to have no intervention and as long as we know it’s all safe cater to whatever you know is in your interest and whatever you think you however you want to make that happen so.


I spend a lot of my spare time with my kids there are seven and nine I try to be at school on my day off and on extra days and special days they do soccer and dance and all sorts of things and you know I’m in the car pool for all of those all the days I can I run a lot and do a lot of yoga.