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Ho, ho, hold the mayo. Weight management and the holidays

Tis the season for treats and temptation, as well as the perfect time for our Austin OBGYNs to talk about weight management and the holidays. Do you have to hold the mayo? Do you have to cut out sugar and avoid those delicious cookies and pies? The answer is no. It is possible to enjoy all the holiday food and fun without abandoning good habits.

5 tips to help you with weight management and the holidays

Eating healthy and the holidays do go together. It’s not about denial or hiding out in the house. Here are five tips from our Austin OBGYNs.

Don’t abandon your good habits for the entire season. The holiday season starts with Thanksgiving and a very large meal. Even if you stuff yourself, don’t let that one day define the days ahead. Simply return to your balanced diet the next day.

Portion control is the key to healthy, enjoyable eating. One of the biggest pitfalls for weight management and the holidays is portion control. Be aware of the amount you are dishing onto your plate. Aim for one healthy portion instead of two or three large portions.

Stay physically active. Continue to aim for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week, even when you are busy. Take a walk with the family or have a dance party. Exercise helps you stay fit and relieves holiday stress.

Eat slowly and mindfully. Mindful eating is an essential part of eating healthy. Slow down and savor every bite. You will experience more satisfaction and avoid overeating if you pay attention to every mouthful.

Devise an eating plan before celebrations. Eating a healthy snack before a big meal helps you avoid overeating. Look at all the available choices, and then choose the items that most appeal to you. If everything looks good, eat small portions of each food.

With the right strategies, you can eat healthy while enjoying festive meals

Thinking about weight management and the holidays isn’t always pleasant, but it is important for your health. Our Austin OBGYNs care about every aspect of your well-being, including your nutrition. To learn more about taking care of yourself and eating healthy, contact us for an appointment.