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Womens Annual Wellness

An important part of wellness

Women’s annual wellness for year-round health

For the Austin OBGYNs at Women’s Health Texas, and our clinical care team, women’s annual wellness goes beyond the annual well-woman exam. It’s about being available to answer women’s questions whenever they arise, and being on hand to help women when healthcare issues occur unexpectedly.

Annual wellness involves more than an annual gynecology visit. We focus on keeping every woman healthy through preventive care, diagnosis and treatment.

The annual well-woman exam is an important part of annual wellness

The annual well-woman exam contributes greatly to women’s annual wellness because it allows the physician and patient to ask questions and discuss topics that affect a woman’s health.

When the guidelines for Pap smears changed, and Pap smears were no longer an annual requirement, some women thought that they didn’t need to schedule an annual appointment. Our Austin OBGYNs want women to understand that the exam is so much more than a Pap smear.

During the annual well-woman visit, our physicians perform breast and pelvic exams that can detect problems. These exams are an important part of preventive care. In addition, the annual exam is a time to talk about a woman’s general mental and physical health, an important part of annual wellness.

Our physicians care about women at every age and stage of their life

Women’s lives are full of emotional and physical changes, keeping things interesting for them and for our Austin OBGYNs. Our physicians like to see young women for their first annual well-woman exam for the first time in their teens, if possible, so they can establish a lifelong relationship that inspires annual wellness.

Here are some issues that our physicians address with women of different ages.

Preconception health is a vital wellness issue

Preconception health and pregnancy are also a part of many women’s annual wellness plans. Our Austin OBGYNs have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share about becoming pregnant and optimizing natural fertility. Women can schedule a preconception planning appointment to help them prepare their bodies and minds for pregnancy, or they can discuss the topic at their annual well-woman exam.

Annual wellness is about helping women create a lifestyle that allows them to care for themselves as much as they care for others. Women are our business, and our Austin OBGYNs take it very seriously. Women who are looking for partners in their healthcare journey should contact us to schedule an appointment. It’s time to get and stay healthy.